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A Continuous Journey of Achievements

Who We Are

STG Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies in UAE, providing a comprehensive range of professional real estate services to a diverse customer base. Slowly but steadily, STG Real Estate has built an unmatched reputation for tenant management and real estate development. Today, the company aims to serve the rapidly developing markets of Ras Al Khaimah and its surrounding territories, and in pursuit of this objective, it has expanded its services to include renting and leasing properties belonging to other established real estate developers.

STG Real Estate believes that the formula for success in the real estate industry is building trust-based relationships with clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders. The company’s team of professional agents has a thorough understanding of market opportunities and requirements, as well as in-depth knowledge of the rules and laws stipulated by the UAE government, ensuring a seamless real estate experience every time.

With over 375 residential and 325 commercial units in its portfolio, STG Real Estate remains dedicated to expanding. The strong willingness to serve clients and meet their demands and expectations is the fuel that propels the company forward to development and prosperity.

Company Profile

Want to know more about our company details then check out our company profile. Click on the download to get the company profile.

Our Mission

When we initially set out to serve the rapidly-developing markets of the UAE, we had one aspiration in mind: being the best possible choice for our clients. Decades later, that mission remains unchanged.

We are committed to continuing our contribution to the progression of attractive, engaging, and sustainable communities in the UAE.

Our Vision

Our decades-long legacy has made us masters in the art of property development and maintenance. Looking beyond the horizon, we are now pursuing the goal of shaping the future of real estate for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Core Values




Client Care


We believe that enduring success can only be built on a solid foundation of unwavering values. For us, integrity, professionalism, communication, client care, and sustainability are the core values that we adhere to in every activity we undertake. These five values define who we are as individuals and impact the way we treat our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Tenants